About Me

Magazine cover design for
dog food company.

As a visual effects artist I specialize in creating dynamic effects such as: particles, fluids, rigid bodies, and cloth effects. Though I enjoy creating the various effects in a 3D software, I also like to composite the effects and see everything come together. With skills in python becomes beneficial for creating custom tools, automating workflow, and troubleshooting problems. I have built custom tools for project creation, render setups, and assets management.

The method I use for creating these dynamic effects whether an explosion or wall breaking is to first find reference. I then use this reference to setup the effects to achieve better realism. I proceed to create the dynamics by setting up the fields and rendering playblasts. Based on how the animation looks in the playblast I adjust the settings to reach the desired effect. My techniques works best to help portray the sense of realism I am after by matching the camera movement combined with the look of the effect produced in the 3D software.

I'm always striving to learn new techniques and become a better artist. I have taken online course to teach me Python for Maya, FumeFX for Maya, and an in-depth course covering everthing from creating the effects to compositing in Nuke. Using the things learned in the courses I have been able to streamline my workflow by creating custom tools.

Contact me

I am a visual effects artist that can add more excitement to a project. Whether a small or large project I can get it done. So tell me when we can start and watch your ideas come to life.

Joshua J.